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Hazree interview

Please introduce yourself! Bands and other activities?

Hello and grindgreeting to you and all.ok i'm hazree from malaysia (just small country at S.E Asia part). I'm drummer in 4 bands in the moment. DISEKSA (mal crust raw grind), HATRED DIVSION (mal raw grind), SHITNOISE BASTARDS (mal raw grind/noise), & CORRUPT HUMANITY (mal-scotland raw grindcore).with Corrupt Humanity me and my scotland friend(munky CH guitarist/vox) did the crazy shit co-operate ever. far distance grindcore band.we just made the contact via email only. i recorded the drum tracks here (in malaysia) then munky will complete(vox,guitar,)the all songs in scotland.this is very cool you know even its hard and we never have any rehearsal session but we still can recorded the songs.we will come out more split release in near time soon including split with Japan noisegrind Sete Star Sept and SMG(mal raw grindcore master).Beside play in bands i also run a small d.i.y label and distro here.its called FASTDIE RECORDS.My label more to grindcore stuff, but still got other few stuff from d-beat, pukrock, hardcorepunk etc. then beside this activities, i go to work everyday as usual people.

You play with 4 bands? Favourite?

Many people always ask this question to me. haha.. ok i play with 4 grindcore bands now.so there is no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th band for sure. i gave all same with full commitment and quality in drummings.all bands is same for me. no favorite band or special for me.cause all this bands i played is consisted all my close friends as the line up,so we enjoy when play together and we have more fun for sure.grindcore and blastbeat is my passion.what i have to do now, i need to arrange my drumming skills for each band i play. i need to practice hard. haha.but for me this 4 bands that i play now got their own style even they all is grindcore band, try to listen to this 4 bands stuff if you have a time.


Iike other people i also have my own favorite and influences. i like something fast and raw,so i listen more to INSECT WARFARE,AGATHOCLES,CARCASS GRINDER,early NAPALM DEATH(F.E.T.O era),DROPDEAD, HAEMORRHAGE. this 6 bands is my huge influences. but i also listen to other bands like some PV bands, old school Death-Metal bands,Fastcore bands, crust/d-beat/Hcpunk bands. im not totally stuck in listening to grindcore stuff only.

I think the SB is so cool what about the releases? Plans, next stuffs?

SHITNOSE BASTARDS is my lattest grind/noise project band.we started in early 2012.till now we has released s/t demo cd-r ,split cd-r with JEFFREY DAHMER(indonesia raw grind)released by fastdie records & fullspeed records(indonesia),split cd-r with BONEACHE(brasil pathology grind/noise) released by OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECORDS(brasil).for SxNxB s/t demo got 6 re-release version by FASTDIE RECORDS(mal),DISPARODESIRE label & distro(esp),DIY NOISE(u.s),OLD GRINDERED DAYS RECS(brazil) & KVR DISTRO(brazil).we really lucky and very appreciate to all this labels cause they're interested and really want to help us to
spread our demo.For upcoming release, in very near time we will come out split with malaysia old noisecore/grind master DOSA.this split will be release in tape format,then we also have split project with CRUTCH(u.s PV/Grind),CORRUPT HUMANITY
& THE PATH(u.s old school grind/thrash/sludge).

What about the lyrics? Do you think SB is a punk band?

Ok, for my personal opinion i think SxNxB is not totally and not 100% punk band.for the truth is we just the shithead drunk bastards try to play grindcore.but we still show our rebel and expression in our music.cause this bands is totally influenced by our bad environment and difficult live here.still little bit punk for me but not totally with punk ethic.but we produced our music with d.i.y way,we recorded use our own cheap equipment and tools.and SxNxB lyrics is more talks about our life here,problem with our neighborhood here,political,problem with authority and police brutality & alcohol.

I like the filthy/noisy grind band but i dont understand the electronic noise grind stuffs? What did you think about this bands?

I see this in nowdays got many electronic noise grind stuff,got many netlabels release this stuff.but got few good and awesome stuff too. for me this is the sub-genre in grindcore that not many people involved and listen, cause maybe they sound too electronic and futuristic & modern that make people not understand and interested.people will listen to music that have a message and reality for sure.this is just my personal opinion only :)

I find a lot sexist/homophobic grind bands. I hate this discrimination, and you?

Yeah sure, i also dont like this. we must living in equality.all people got the right, and they can be whatever they want to be.this issue is same old story.nothing can change if people still live in the 'low mentality' and just follow blindly.

Let's talk about your country! How to live there? How to live the ordinary people?

Malaysia is just small country,not rich country,so for the ordinary people(including me) need to work very hard for the living cost. our salary here is still small paid but the basic living cost(house rental,gas,food) is expensive.here is nothing interesting for us specially for the 'underground' musician/bands.cause here we dont have any festival or any open space shows for d.i.y/hcpunk.we just doing small gig only.cause our authority here is totally against with the noise music.shit!but if you came to malaysia you can find too many food to eat here :) cause we're here living in multiraces.too many culture you can see here and also got some interestng historical places you can visit.Our government is shit.totally shit.totally corrupted.they said malaysia is the democracy country, but people can't speak.they practice cronyism,put the high tax for alcohol & cigarette,force people to vote them, greed for power.always talks about money,build up the factory and technology & science, build up the nuclear power source,bla..bla..blaa..the rich will be richer, and the poor will be poorest.this is our government.always wasted the people money.

Many of the religious among you, what do you think about religion in general?

For me religion is the practical & responsibility to who believe.i dont see anything wrong with the religion. there is no force.religion is your choice.cause in my country here got so many religion. i think got maybe 10 or more religion here.cause we're
multiraces country.they all here can practicing what they believe accordance with their religion.

And the scene? Punk/crust/grind underground?

The truth is im not the scenester. i not go to gig everyweek,sometime i went to gig 3 times in a 3 month.but i can tell you little bit about the scene here..DIY community here is doing good for sure. they always organized small gig everyweek,doing food not bombs,and other activities.got many of crust/d-beat/punk/hardcore/thrash/ here, but got few grind bands.maybe you has heard any these grind band from malaysia such as SMG(our local grind master with tonnes of releases),DOSA(old school noisegrind),PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE(noisegrind), MASS SEPERATION(crustgrind), TORTURE INCIDENT(raw grind RIP), TERLARANG(thrash/grind) just list few. Last 2 years ago i has released 1 compilation tape feat. 15 grindcore bands from malaysia,and i plan to put out vol.2 soon. and for sure also got many metalcore/deathcore shit too.boring..kids like to play metalcore only..but the scene here is quiet good now, got many bands from europe,u.s,asia has came to play here and got many will be coming soon.the labels here is doing very good for sure.got many labels here but the label here is still not doing many vinyl releases like the european and u.s labels.cause the the cost is too expensive and malaysian currency is too cheap and low to compare with euro or usd dollar.but here the label is active make tape release also pro cd release.they also has releasing some european and u.s band too.there is no problem for any band from european or u.s want to come to touring here.cause already got many bands has did their tour here. have many of fanzine here.also got the old fanzine that still exist till today too.also got the #1 issue then gone too.i'm not doing any fanzine, cause i think im not talented in fanzine making and writing.its need really high committment to complete it.but i really enjoy read the old days fanzine with the typewriter writing. its very cool for me.glad im still keep the old fanzine in my safety box. haha.

Large distances in the country. The guys travel with ships to see some punk/grind concert? :D its just a joke my friend...

For me that is not funny.that is the effort man! i always wanted to go travel and see some hcpunk concert outside from my country. want to see how is the scene at european and meet friends too.need to collect much money to go outside from here. haha. money is shit! dont be money slave.

The last words...its up to you. Some message?

Thanks to you my friend for this short interview session. and lastly, keep it blast as well! cheers.
to contact SHITNOISE BASTARDS do check this: shitnoisebastards.blogspot.com
and also check my label & distro FASTDIE RECORDS : fastdierecords.blogspot.com

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