2011. december 7., szerda


Some new shit in distro:


Desperat - Suicide Attack - raw hcpunk Ake's (Mob47) new band
Festa Desperato - Novy Babylon - brilliant dark crust
Besthöven / Beton split - total fukkin discrust vs. metal crustpunx


Gatos Pingados - Resistencia! - streetpunk from portugal
Gatos Pingados - Sangre Frio - motörhead style

Gatos Pingados looking for some shows in europe!!! If you can support this great DIY band. myspace.com/gatospingados ... gatos_pingados(a)hotmail.com


Vivisektio oldschool punkhc from finland (active in 1983 - 1986) looking for labels to release some new songs. www.punkrockers.com/vivisektio


Finland produced so many amazing bands since the beginnings of punk. Many recorded some great records but like most countries the majority of bands that existed never put their work to vinyl, this is the case with VIVISEKTIO. They began in '83 and ended in '86. They identified as a hardcore/peace punk band, unfortunately I can’t get into what they sang about due to the language barrier. Musically this is awesomely Finnish in sound and energy, great gruff vocals to rapid hardcore sounds. If this were to have had a release date of '84 with the typical production from that era everyone today would be shitting their pants to get a hold of one of these records. Good shit! (MS) MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #341

I absolutely fell in love with this record the second it hit my turntable. This is a collection of songs that were largely written in the early to mid-80’s, however the band (called VENDETTA at the time) were never able to materialize an actual release before splitting up. Reunited in early 2008 with a new singer and the drummer of short-lived but well-loved 90’s band TOTUUS. This is fast, punchy, hard-hitting, classic Finnish hardcore punk with a great modern production. This is very much along the lines of DESTRUCKTIONS, BASTARDS and KAAOS, but manages to throw in some American hardcore influences as well to shake things up a bit. Cover art is a cool dystopian illustration of what looks like some sort of post-apocalyptic prison camps for punks, and there is a really nice thick lyric insert (although it’s all in Finnish and I can’t read any of it). Someday I’d love to get a copy of those lyrics because I’m assuming the content of their songs is equally as badass as the music. Get it now. (Rob Hanna) PROFANE EXISTENCE #63

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