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Garga Pitic & Besthöven looking for labels!!!


First at all (as subject)…: help is needed to release a 7” split-vinyl with bands Besthöven (Brasil) and Garga Pitic (Hungary)!

I'm Cucu from the hungarian crust-punk band Garga Pitic. We are really taking part in the local scene, booking shows, writing zines and blogs and are involved into social aktivism. songs are about politics, global problems, anti war/capitalism and society critical.You can check/download free our first album from this link:


Now we try to release a 7" vinyl with Besthöven (Brasil) i hope you know them.


Both two bands recorded two/three brand new songs just for this split-vinyl. And now we are looking for record labels who are interrested in releasing of this split-vinyl. Are You?

There is two conceptions in our heads for the release as altenates of each other:

1. The 7" vinyl could be released/made by You as You would wish. Of course we can send every informations, pictures...etc. what's requested.

In this case we can agree how many pieces You can give us free and if we need more it could be bought from You (maybe with some discount). our band will be on tour between 29/04/2011 and 07/05/2011 (Czech Rep., Poland, Germany, Austria) so around 40/50 pieces are needed just by us...


2. We manage the production of the vinyls. In this case You can decide how many pieces are needed by You (min. 25 pcs). Of course Your logo will be added to the cover as Record Label.

As we calculated the price of one 7" vinyl between 3 and 3,5 euro. This calculation was made for 200 pcs and it contains the vinyls with printed stickers, folders on matte coated (printed on the inside as well), plastic bags and shipping costs. You could send/transfer us the money and we will send the vinyls as much as you ordered (min. 25 pcs).

But if you have any other conditions to release feel free to describe it!

Can You help us? Are You interrested in?
If You need any further information don't hesitate to contact me!



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